Planning for Successful Foot Surgery

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we know that when treating a podiatric disorder or deformity Podiatrists will try every non-invasive means possible to correct the problem and eliminate painful symptoms. That’s why we offer so many products aimed at helping to alleviate foot and ankle symptoms. Sometimes, however, it becomes clear that surgery is the best or perhaps the only way to permanently restore foot function and allow a patient to resume a normal, active life. When that time comes, it’s essential for patients to get the information they need about an upcoming surgery and to plan ahead for a smooth recovery.

Questions to Ask Pre-Surgery

Ask your Podiatrist to fully explain the procedure you will have. Find out what you can expect to happen on the day of the surgery. Will it be outpatient surgery, or will you have to be admitted to the hospital? What type of anesthesia will be used? How much pain will you be in after the surgery and what options will be available for managing that pain? Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor to go over something more than once if you don’t understand.

The Road to Speedy Recovery

It’s also important to understand what to expect during your recovery. You’ll need to know about how long the Podiatrist expects it to take for your foot to heal so you can plan accordingly for work and family obligations. Not rushing recovery and following all the Podiatrist’s instructions is essential. Sometimes special accommodative devices and medical supplies can help. For instance, we offer a Gel Toe Spreader (Hourglass Shaped) that can be used after surgery to keep toes properly aligned. If you undergo a procedure to correct a bunion, our Bunion Care Compression Sleeve may be recommended to help reduce scarring and also to help protect the area while it heals. Once the surgical dressing has been removed, your Podiatrist may suggest the Bunion Night Splint which holds the big toe in proper alignment while gently stretching muscles and tendons.

The appropriate preparation and diligent post-operative care will soon have you back on your feet and enjoying the active life you love. To see all our helpful foot and ankle products, view our online catalog. All items can be easily ordered online or you can contact us for assistance by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723).

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