IN THE THICK OF ITGel Callus Cushion
The root cause of a callus is the repeated pressure of the body’s pounding on the foot, causing the foot to defend with the growth of a thick band of skin, known as a callus.

Dr. Jill’s Gel Callus Cushions offer immediate relief to the pain of pressure on the nerve. The cushions are carefully crafted to “take pressure” off the affected area.

Reusable, easy to place on the foot and comfortable, Dr. Jill’s Gel Callus Cushions provide ease, comfort and reduce the stress on the foot and body. Order now.

NO FUN NEUROPATHYGel Ball Of Foot Cushion
One of the issues with diabetes is neuropathy. This may cause tingling, pain, numbness in the toes and feet. It’s important to see a Podiatrist to treat various foot problems associated with diabetes. Because the blood flow is diminished, the need for products, such as Dr. Jill’s Gel Ball of Foot Cushions can provide ease and comfort. Order now.

Dr. Jill’s foot pads and gels were created and overseen by a Podiatrist. There is a real Dr. Jill.


  1. Teri Green Reply

    Great blog article. Your purple gel does a great job. It sticks to the foot really well and it is re-usable for many months. It is a great product.

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