4 Products to Help with Bunions

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we know that bunions occur when the joint at the base of a toe moves out of place and begins to drift toward the next toe. This happens most commonly to the big toe but can also occur with the pinky toe. Although this is primarily a biomechanical defect in the structure of the foot, wearing shoes with tight, narrow toe boxes can speed the progression of bunions. Your Podiatrist will know the best way to treat your bunion. In the meantime, we have several ways to help:

  1. Spreader with Bunion Combo—when it comes to bunions, the Spreader with Bunion Combo does double duty for the health of your foot. It separates and aligns the toes into proper position while at the same time cushioning and protecting the bunion. It also prevents the first and second toes from rubbing against each other, eliminating painful irritation and the possibility of
  2. Bunion Care Compression Sleeve—another versatile product is our Bunion Care Compression Sleeve. A large, soft gel pad encased in a soft satin fabric sleeve that slips over your foot gives immediate relief to the pressure of footwear. It is also helpful in reducing scarring after surgery and provides compression to the forefoot and midfoot. The sleeve is latex-free, hypoallergenic and can be washed and re-used over and over.
  3. Gel Tailor’s Bunion Pad—bunions that develop on the little toe are known as Tailor’s Bunions. To give cushioning over the bunion we’ve created the Gel Tailor’s Bunion Pad which slips easily over your little toe. It creates a barrier between the bunion and your shoes and is made of premier gel with a very soft and stretchy loop that allows it to fit comfortably over your toe. Designed for use in all styles of footwear, this pad is washable and fits either the left or right foot.
  4. Gel Bunion Sleeve – our most popular seller is the Gel Bunion Sleeve, which comes in a tan satin fabric that provides a comfortable fit on either foot and gives immediate relief from footwear pressure. This washable and re-usable sleeve provides a superior soft gel pad inside the fabric that conforms to your foot and does not create bulk in your shoes.

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In Recognition of Arthritis Awareness Month

May is Arthritis Awareness Month and at Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads we know how debilitating the condition can be. Arthritis can strike a patient of any age, sex or race. Currently, it’s estimated that 50 million adults in the United States and 300,000 children have some form of arthritis. The term arthritis actually covers over 100 different joint disorder. One in particular, rheumatoid arthritis, can result in crooked toes and other toe deformities such as hammertoes and claw toes. The best treatment outcomes for crooked toes occur when they are treated in their early stages and are still flexible.

Maintaining Proper Alignment

We offer several products that can help you keep toes that are moving out of place better aligned. Our Gel Buddy Splint separates crooked or overlapping digits using two soft stretchy loops with a spacer in between. It’s made of premier gel and latex-free. A versatile product that can be used to relieve pressure by elevating the tips of toes or keep toes from overlapping is the 1 Toe Gel Crest Pad. This product can be washed and re-used multiple time.

Alleviating Pain

Another problem when toes begin to bend or become deformed is pain caused by friction from shoes and from rubbing and pressing up against one another. Our Foam Toe Separators are soft and malleable. They cushion sore spots between toes and bring relief from the irritation caused when one toe rubs on another. The separators are made of non-medicated, medical-grade foam and are designed for use in all footwear styles. If you need both friction reduction and straightening, our Gel Spreader with Loop takes care of both issues. Designed specifically for use between the big toe and the second toe, this soft, flexible hourglass-shaped toe spreader features a look to keep it in place.

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Plantar Fasciitis Relief

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we know that heel pain is one of the most debilitating podiatric conditions for patients to deal with. Plantar fasciitis, a common culprit of heel pain, can have a few different causes. Whatever the source, however, wearing non-supportive footwear on hard, flat surfaces increases the strain on the plantar fascia and increases heel pain and discomfort. Fortunately, we have several solutions that can help cushion and protect hurting heels.

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Sleeve

This comfortable elastic sleeve contains a gel pad that can be positioned comfortably in the arch of the foot to provide support and relieve heel pain. The Plantar Fasciitis Arch Sleeve is also helpful in reducing strain on tendons and shock absorption, helping tired aching feet and preventing the foot from rolling. It can be worn with or without shoes for long-lasting comfort.

Gel Heel Cup

When you put a Gel Heel Cup in your shoe your foot will say, “Ahhhh….” This cup allows your heel to float on a soft cushion of gel and achieve superior relief for tender heels, especially if you need to stand for long hours. These heel cups are washable and can be re-used over and over again. They are designed to be used in all styles of footwear. They are also helpful in relieving discomfort caused by heel spurs, calluses and fat pad atrophy on the bottom of the heel.

Arch Binder

By providing gentle compression to the arch of the foot, the Arch Binder comfortably lifts and supports the plantar fascia with its elastic sleeve. This helps to relieve pain in both the arch and heel. The Arch Binder slips over the foot like a sleeve, allowing for comfortable positioning. It also offers plenty of support to the forefoot. Universal in size, it fits either the left or right foot. This product is washable and can be used many times with proper care.

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Neuromas Need Cushioning for Comfort

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we know that the discomfort in the ball of the foot caused by a neuroma can be quite debilitating. This normally benign condition, which occurs when a nerve becomes inflamed or enlarged, usually between two toes on the bottom of the foot, and can result in severe pain, numbness, tingling or burning. Patients who have this condition should avoid high heels and shoes with narrow, pointy toe boxes as these exert excessive pressure on the ball of the foot. To relieve pain and make it possible to stand, walk and go about other normal daily activities while the inflammation subsides, it’s best to find ways to cushion the affected area. We offer several products that can help, including:

Gel Ball of Foot Cushions—one of our most popular products, self-stick, Gel Ball of Foot Cushions reduce pressure while walking or standing. These pads of soft gel are available in two thicknesses which can be placed directly over the neuroma or behind it, as your Podiatrist recommends. These are designed for all styles of footwear and provide long-lasting comfort. The pads can be wash and reused multiple times.

Ball of Foot Cushion–Ultra Thin—satin fabric with a gel cushion inside slips over the foot, wrapping around the forefoot for superior cushioning. Position the gel pad where comfortable and the satin material strap will hold the pad in place. One size fits most and this product is universal, meaning it can be worn on either the left or right foot. The Ball of Foot Cushion is washable and re-usable.

Metatarsal/Neuroma Pads – J-43 Felt ¼ Inch—these small felt pads are meant to address one metatarsal head at a time and can be precisely positioned to relieve pain using the adhesive back to hold it in place. These Metatarsal/Neuroma Pads are latex free and available with straight or beveled edges. They are sold in packages of 100.

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