10 Reasons to Shop Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads

When your feet hurt, you want relief. At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads we know our products are the best. Here are 10 reasons why you will want to make us your first and last stop for all your foot pad needs.

  1. Our products are made of high-quality materials and they work. Whether you are looking for items made of our soft gel, cork, foam, moleskin or felt, we make our products out of the most excellent materials. We also offer an extensive selection of tapes and wraps. Check out the testimonials from satisfied customers on our website.
  2. All of the items we sell were designed by a Podiatrist. Jill Scheur discovered the need for high quality foot pads at lower prices. Because she is a foot doctor, Dr. Jill’s products are precisely created to fill particular foot needs in the most effective, safest way possible.
  3. Professionals believe in us. We have a network of over 12,000 podiatrists, hospitals and other medical professionals who currently use our foot pads and padding supplies.
  4. We have an extensive product list and we can provide relief for common conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions and ingrown toenails.
  5. Our products are made in the USA.
  6. We offer same day shipping on most products.
  7. You can use any major credit card to pay for your order.
  8. Our customer service can’t be beat. If you have questions about any of our foot health items, contact us toll free by calling 866- FOOT-PAD or 866-366-8723. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer questions and guide you toward the products that will best help your particular condition.
  9. If you are the kind of patient who wants to see items in person, we also have a store you can visit in Deerfield Beach, FL.
  10. We offer free shipping for all orders over $25.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online store today and get moving toward relief of foot pain and discomfort.

Arch Support is Essential for Foot Health

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we know that without good arch support your entire foot suffers. In fact, lack of arch support is a leading cause of arch and heel pain. Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs are two conditions that can develop if you have flat feet. Although your Podiatrist should evaluate your feet and determine the cause of fallen arches and any necessary treatment, we offer some products that will help bring relief for this condition.

Arch Steppers—scientifically contoured to support your arch at its most efficient height, our Arch Steppers help eliminate pain and provide comfortable, long-lasting support for tired, weak and achy arches. Flexible and durable, these supports are designed to be used in all styles of footwear (even dress shoes) and will provide months of relief for collapsed arches, flat feet and plantar fasciitis. They are available in sizes for men and women.

Arch Binder—this elastic sleeve provides gentle compression to the arch and comfortably lifts and supports the plantar fascia, bringing relief to pain in the arch and heel. The Arch Binder slips over the foot like a sleeve and offers plenty of support for the forefoot. The Arch Binder is washable and can be used on either the right or left foot.

Gel Arch Pads—soft gel enables the foot to maintain proper position, provides excellent support for fallen or weak arches and helps with problems related to pronation. Self-stick cushions make application easy. The Gel Arch Pads come in two thicknesses to ensure a comfortable fit in any style of footwear. These latex free pads can be washed and re-used over and over again.

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads if you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort, chances are we have a product that will bring you relief. To see all of our products, view our online catalog or visit our Deerfield Beach, FL store. Questions? Contact us by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723).

Hammertoes? We Can Help

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads all of our products are designed by an experienced Podiatrist. That’s why we know that foot doctors treating patients with hammertoes have two goals: alleviating painful symptoms and helping to straighten the bent toe or toes. Below are products we offer that can help with this common condition.

Pain Relief

The telltale shape of the bent hammertoe results in irritation on the top of the toe due to friction and pressure from wearing shoes. In fact, many patients with hammertoes also develop painful corns on the tops of the affected toes. Products designed to help protect sore areas include:

All Gel Toe Caps—soft gel provides cushioning and comfort with this product that slips over the entire toe. Available in four sizes to fit any toe, the All Gel Toe Caps are washable and can provide many days of relief. These pads provide protection from pressure and shock. As an added bonus, the gel slowly releases mineral oil which moisturizes the skin of the toe.

Gel EcoGel Tubes Ribbed—these ribbed tubes are fully lined with gel and perfect for protecting underlapping toes and corns. The small size of the Gel EcoGel Tubes are perfect for hammertoe sufferers. The tubes are latex free and come two to a package.


Hammertoes are a progressive condition and left untreated, the bend in the toe can become rigid and inflexible. We have products that help straighten and align the toe or toes that are bent.

Budin Splints—made of comfortable but well-padded foam, the Budin Splint gently straightens a hammertoe, allowing it to lie straight. Budin Splints are available for one, two or three toes and give immediate relief from pressure from footwear. These washable and reusable splints fit either foot, and they are designed to work with most shoe styles.

Triple Toe Gel Crest Pad—this versatile product can be used two ways: worn underneath the toes it can lift the tips and help stretch toes into proper position or, wear with the crest on top to hold 3 toes down and straight. It also provides a barrier between the toes and shoes. The Triple Toe Gel Crest Pad is made of soft, stretchy premier gel and is latex free.

We have products to help all types of podiatric disorders. See our online catalog for all products we offer or visit our Deerfield Beach, FL store. For more information, contact us by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723).

Celebrate National Foot Health Awareness Month

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month and we at Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads urge patients to pay attention to their feet. Inspecting your feet regularly will help you spot changes in skin and toenails, growths, lumps, wounds or other unusual symptoms that signal a podiatric problem. Foot pain is also not normal and should be diagnosed and treated by a Podiatrist.

Once your foot doctor tracks down the cause of your discomfort and prescribes the proper treatment for your podiatric condition, you need to protect the affected part of your foot or ankle during the healing process. That’s where we can help. At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we offer products that help with many foot disorders (see our complete catalog online). Below is a sampling of products to help alleviate foot pain and protect vulnerable areas.

Achilles Heel Sleeve—patients with Achilles tendonitis appreciate the gentle compression that is applied to the back of the heel area with the Achilles Heel Sleeve. A soft gel pad inside the sleeve protects the sore tendon and prevents friction. It’s latex-free and designed to be used in all styles of footwear. The pads are washable and can be re-used over and over.

Gel Bunion Cushion—superior cushioning over the bunion area is provided by the Gel Bunion Cushion giving immediate relief from footwear pressure. These premier gel bunion cushions have a very soft and stretchy loop that slips easily over the big toe and will not get tight. Pads are available in regular and thick styles.

All Gel Toe Cap—although easily taken care of by your Podiatrist, few conditions are more painful than the ingrown toenail. Our All Gel Toe Cap is soft and slips over the entire toe. It has an extra padded gel tip to ease discomfort and protect the toe from shock and pressure. An added bonus—the gel slowly releases mineral oil to soften and moisturize the skin on the toe. The toe caps are available in four sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.

To learn more about these or other products that protect your feet, visit our Deerfield Beach store or contact us by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723).

Corns Signal Foot Problem

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we offer several products that help protect and cushion painful corns. However, a corn is almost always a secondary condition—meaning that it’s a problem caused by another foot problems. In order to obtain long-lasting relief, it’s important to get to the root cause of a corn. These small, circular lesions with a hard center that resemble a kernel of corn in their appearance are the result of repeated pressure on the skin. Oftentimes patients with toe deformities such as bunions, hammertoes and claw toes will develop corns in places where the deformity is causing part of the foot to press unnaturally into footwear. Without treating the primary problem, it’s impossible to permanently get rid of a corn.

While you undergo treatment, however, we can help. Featured here are some of the many products we make that can help reduce pain from corns:

Self-Adhesive Gel Corn Pads—these circles of soft gel have a cutout center that gets placed over the corn. Self-Adhesive Gel Corn Pads off-load pressure and create a barrier between shoe and skin.  The self-adhesive back sticks to skin but can be easily removed. Washable and reusable, these pads will last for many weeks.

Gel and Fabric Toe Cap—another approach is to use our Gel and Fabric Toe Cap which slips over the entire toe. Perfect for easing the pain and discomfort of hammertoes and ingrown toenails, these cushions are designed to be used in any style of footwear. They also provide mild compression to help control swelling if it is present. Toe caps can be cut to fit, and any excess length can be used to make a gel toe cushion for smaller toes. As an added bonus, these soft, expandable gel pads release mineral oil moisturizers onto the hardened skin to help soften it.

Toe Separators J-44’s Foam —choosing the most effective corn protector will depend on where on your toes your corns are located. For corns that occur because toes press up against each other, try our Toe Separators J-44 Foam ½ inch. These thick foam separators slip comfortably between the first and second toes and gently holds them apart. Toe Separators J-44 Foam ¼ inch are great for all other toes.

Want to see more of our foot care products? Visit our Deerfield Beach, FL store or view our online catalog. We look forward to serving your foot health needs. Contact us at: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723).