Extra Insole Cushioning Helps Diabetic Patients


November is American Diabetes Month. At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we know that patients with diabetes have many special foot health needs. Conditions associated with diabetes—neuropathy, poor circulation and decreased immune system functioning. This can have a detrimental impact on the skin, joints and bones in your feet. We believe all patients with diabetes should be under the care of a Podiatrist to help prevent dangerous wounds and ulcers and promote good podiatric health. One line of products that we offer that can be of particular aid to diabetic patients are our insoles.

Insoles can provide cushioning and padding which eases pressure on feet and joints. Good insoles can provide extra shock absorption and decrease the effects of repeated pounding on the feet which is a result of everyday walking. Some types of insoles limit foot movement which can decrease the risk of friction that causes blisters and skin irritation. Limiting movement of the foot within the shoe can also decrease stress on certain joints and slow the progression of deformities. Some insoles to consider include:

Memory Mold Insoleslightweight and durable, this memory foam forms a custom fit for extreme comfort in any footwear, including most dress styles.

Gel Insoles Velvet Topthese insoles have a smooth, velvet silky top which makes for easy slip-on with socks. They provide comfort when wearing most types of shoes and can be trimmed for a perfect fit.

Gel Silicone Insoles Premier Full Length—made from medical grade Silicone, our Gel Silicone Insoles Premier Full Length provide maximum shock absorption and cushioning. These hard-wearing insoles will not bottom out. They are latex-free and washable. Insoles are transferable between shoes.

Hidden Comfort Insoles for Open Shoes—for women who need the extra cushioning of an insole that’s discreet and ultra-slim, we offer our Hidden Comfort Insoles for Open Shoes. These latex-free insoles will provide hidden comfort when wearing sandals, slides, sling backs or strapped shoes.

You can easily order any of our products through our website (see our complete online catalog) or contact us by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723). Our courteous and knowledgeable staff look forward to helping you get the right products for your all your foot conditions.