MetatarsalLet’s talk about the fifth metatarsal…that area under the tiny toe. For people with high arches, often times, the bones of the fifth metatarsal take a beating. This results in calluses forming, which is the body’s way of protecting the area from further assault.

However, constant pressure on an already inflamed area can create a wound and even infection. The most effective method of avoiding this repetitious problem is to buffer the fifth metatarsal from hitting the pavement, so to speak.

The u-shaped metatarsal felt or gel pads are designed to create a cushion around the sensitive center of the nerves, off-loading the pressure and resulting in little to no contact with the painful part of the foot that can keep you from walking correctly and clearly keep you from enjoying your gait.

1032PkgDr. Jill’s Felt U-shaped Callus Pads and U-shaped Gel Callus Cushions are tough enough to withstand the repetitive pounding of the foot on hard surfaces without the area of the foot taking it by itself. So much so that this product has allowed people to walk without the terrific discomfort which kept them from strolling through the mall or even walking the dog.

It’s simply a matter of physics and physiology. See other solutions for calluses here.