Gel Ball Of Foot CushionThis amazing re-usable self adhering cushion transfers weight and pressure from the ball of the foot for more comfort and less pain. Like so many of the Dr. Jill’s products, this cushion was developed by Dr. Jill (a noted Podiatrist) because it solves a significant problem in this country today – foot pain.

Foot pain keeps people of all ages and lifestyles from enjoying a stroll, an athletic opportunity or even simple chores, where each step can be fraught with wincing pain. The purple Ball of Foot Gel Cushion can be machine washed and reused – without losing its adhesive quality.

For tennis players, mature people, bike riders, casual weekend warriors, joggers and, well, everyone with feet, this remarkable cushion reduces the effects of the pounding everyone takes with every step. And, it’s designed by a foot doctor, not a fictitious character.

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