Protection for Sore Toenails

ingrown toenails

If you have ever had an ingrown toenail, you know how painful it is. A toenail the grows downward and into the skin around the nail bed causes the area to become red, swollen and very tender to the touch. Sometimes you can work the nail out of the skin by soaking the toe in warm water several times a day and gently massaging the nail bed. Often, your podiatrist will have to remove the ingrown toenail. At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads we have ways to help reduce the pain as your ingrown toenail heals.

Padding Brings Pain Relief

We offer two products that you can use to protect a tender toe. Both are caps that go over the entire toe, cushioning it and preventing painful pressure. One cap is a combination of fabric and gel and the other is an all-gel cap—both are latex free. These caps will relieve pain and allow you to wear shoes and continue with your daily activities until the toe is fully healed. Like all our products, the toe caps were designed by a podiatrist who truly understands the needs of patients with foot pain.  You can view the toe caps in our online catalog or contact us for more information.

Avoiding Ingrown Toenails

Some patients are particularly prone to ingrown toenails. The tendency for them can be inherited. They can also be caused by a trauma, repetitive banging of the toe (if you are a runner or soccer player, for example) or if there is another nail condition present, such as a fungal toenail. There are a few steps you can take to help prevent them from occurring:

  • Don’t wear shoes that have cramped toe boxes and squeeze toes together for long periods of time.
  • Keep nails trimmed straight across and not too short.
  • Never file toenails in a rounded shape or with curved edges.

You should also never attempt to cut out an ingrown nail or resort to “folk remedies,” like sticking a piece of cotton under the nail or cutting a notch in it. These just end up causing worse injuries and possibly a secondary infection as well.

You can order our toe caps and other foot pads online or by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723). You can also purchase them in our store located in Deerfield Beach, FL.


Foot pain is extremely debilitating. When even just standing and walking become excruciating tasks, relieving the pain becomes a top priority. Unfortunately, many foot conditions are chronic and need the off-loading that foot pads provide. Gel foot pads can make a dramatic difference, cushioning injured or inflamed areas and shifting weight away from painful points. If you have used drug store pads and have been less than satisfied, it’s time to try Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads.

Gel Foot Pads Relieve foot pain

The Dr. Jill Difference

Why are Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads the best? Because they are designed by a podiatrist. Dr. Jill Scheur, a renown podiatrist, saw a real need in her practice to provide patients suffering with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, corns, metatarsalgia and other conditions with a solution that could offer lasting pain relief and the ability to enjoy their daily active lives. Dissatisfied with what was available on the market, Dr. Jill designed her own pads.

Some advantages of Dr. Jill’s Gel Pads include:

  • Made of durable materials that provide sturdy, thick cushioning to protect problem areas of your feet.
  • Self-stick adhesive makes for easy application.
  • Versatile thicknesses can be used in virtually all types of footwear.
  • Washable and re-usable, each pad can be used multiple times.

In addition to gel pads, we also offer products in felt, foam and moleskin—thousands of different products in all. Shop our online catalog. If you have foot pain, chances are we have a product that can help. All of our top-quality products are manufactured in the United States and are currently used by a network of over 12,000, podiatrists, hospitals and medical clinics and over 100,000 patients. We also offer excellent customer service.

Not sure which product is best for you? Contact our helpful staff by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723). You can place your order online or over the phone or, if you are in the area, come to our conveniently located Deerfield Beach, FL store. We are confident that we can help you get relief for your foot pain and look forward to serving you.


Dr. Jill’s All Gel Toe Caps are 100% PURE SILICONE and provide protection to help avoid the pain of toes rubbing together, causing more discomfort and a longer healing period for abrasions, ingrown nails, corns, cushion and hammer toes. These uniquely designed All Toe Gel Cap 1047Gel Toe Caps are another innovative method of making the simple act of walking a pleasure, not a pain!

Like all of Dr. Jill’s products, they are made with the utmost integrity, manufactured in the U.S. and outlast all other similar products. Each box includes one 100% Pure Silicone Toe Cap available in four easy sizes: Mini, Small, Medium and Large. While we’d all like to walk on air, Dr. Jill’s products are the next best thing!

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U-FeltThese callus pads are extremely effective for all types of foot pain. The unique U-shape and adhesive felt can be applied so that the area that needs to be relieved from surface pressure is accommodated.

Ideal for metatarsal blister relief or “bone on bone” fifth metatarsal cushioning, the felt is available in 1/8 inch and provides the cushioning effect that permits the area to heal.

Used for any metatarsal calluses, these superior felt cushions surrounds the sore area and off-loads for instant relief and remedies the pain encountered with simple walking or other activities.

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Gel Ball Of Foot CushionThis amazing re-usable self adhering cushion transfers weight and pressure from the ball of the foot for more comfort and less pain. Like so many of the Dr. Jill’s products, this cushion was developed by Dr. Jill (a noted Podiatrist) because it solves a significant problem in this country today – foot pain.

Foot pain keeps people of all ages and lifestyles from enjoying a stroll, an athletic opportunity or even simple chores, where each step can be fraught with wincing pain. The purple Ball of Foot Gel Cushion can be machine washed and reused – without losing its adhesive quality.

For tennis players, mature people, bike riders, casual weekend warriors, joggers and, well, everyone with feet, this remarkable cushion reduces the effects of the pounding everyone takes with every step. And, it’s designed by a foot doctor, not a fictitious character.

Visit the Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads web site and experience the most popular products with special offers for your feet. And, remember the great statement, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now.”


MetatarsalLet’s talk about the fifth metatarsal…that area under the tiny toe. For people with high arches, often times, the bones of the fifth metatarsal take a beating. This results in calluses forming, which is the body’s way of protecting the area from further assault.

However, constant pressure on an already inflamed area can create a wound and even infection. The most effective method of avoiding this repetitious problem is to buffer the fifth metatarsal from hitting the pavement, so to speak.

The u-shaped metatarsal felt or gel pads are designed to create a cushion around the sensitive center of the nerves, off-loading the pressure and resulting in little to no contact with the painful part of the foot that can keep you from walking correctly and clearly keep you from enjoying your gait.

1032PkgDr. Jill’s Felt U-shaped Callus Pads and U-shaped Gel Callus Cushions are tough enough to withstand the repetitive pounding of the foot on hard surfaces without the area of the foot taking it by itself. So much so that this product has allowed people to walk without the terrific discomfort which kept them from strolling through the mall or even walking the dog.

It’s simply a matter of physics and physiology. See other solutions for calluses here.


When Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads refers to off-loading, it’s not removing pallets from trucks, especially since the company produces all of its offerings in its own factory in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

BallOfFootPainThe term relates to the painful issue of shifting the pressure of various areas of the foot to gels and pads that protect the problem area from being pounded constantly by walking or any other “on your feet” activities.

Because there are so many products from Dr. Jill’s that provide “off loading” relief, the possibilities are endless and always customized to the area of concern. For example, when calluses form, they may become extremely tender due to the pressure of constantly coming into contact with the surface area.

The remarkable purple U-Shaped Gel Callus Cushion defends the callus from the assault and “cushions” it like a shock absorber in order to allow the callus to subside and the nerves to calm down. The result is less or no pain. This is just one example of the methods, designs, integrity and quality of Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads versus all the others of lesser quality. Perhaps part of that is due to the fact that there is a real Dr. Jill, a noted podiatrist who runs the company with her husband Jay.


IN THE THICK OF ITGel Callus Cushion
The root cause of a callus is the repeated pressure of the body’s pounding on the foot, causing the foot to defend with the growth of a thick band of skin, known as a callus.

Dr. Jill’s Gel Callus Cushions offer immediate relief to the pain of pressure on the nerve. The cushions are carefully crafted to “take pressure” off the affected area.

Reusable, easy to place on the foot and comfortable, Dr. Jill’s Gel Callus Cushions provide ease, comfort and reduce the stress on the foot and body. Order now.

NO FUN NEUROPATHYGel Ball Of Foot Cushion
One of the issues with diabetes is neuropathy. This may cause tingling, pain, numbness in the toes and feet. It’s important to see a Podiatrist to treat various foot problems associated with diabetes. Because the blood flow is diminished, the need for products, such as Dr. Jill’s Gel Ball of Foot Cushions can provide ease and comfort. Order now.

Dr. Jill’s foot pads and gels were created and overseen by a Podiatrist. There is a real Dr. Jill.


The United States alone has six hundred million feet. They consist of every shape and size…but they all have one thing in common. They support us, get walked on by us, put up with our jumping, stepping, climbing – and only once in a while do they complain.

Unlike supermarket foot products, Dr. Jill’s takes the complaints to heart…with serious foot pads and gels designed to calm those dogs down. And, with too many testimonials to publish, suffice it to say that, because Dr. Jill’s products were created by a Podiatrist who runs the company, they can truly help.

Untitled-2There are 28 bones in each foot, one quarter of the bones in the body. So, imagine why, at one time or another, the foot can ache, causing either minor or more substantial discomfort. The question is, “don’t your feet deserve the best help they can get?” We think so.

Dr. Jill’s has a cushion for each part of the anatomy of the foot. They are simply the best products of their kind…and  can make the difference between dancing on a cloud or stomping on concrete. Because our feet take a pounding each and every day, Dr. Jill’s foot pads relieve the harsh contact our feet have with the surfaces encountered every day.

Untitled-1Our feet fit into so many different kinds of coverings. If only we could wear those fluffy slippers all the time? But, since we need shoes for work, play, golf, tennis, running, events, tuxedos, our feet have to adapt to being squeezed, strapped in, and more.

All it takes is one click to change the life of your feet. Designed by a Podiatrist, Dr. Jill’s foot pads and gels can make all the difference in the way you feel. They are truly one-of-a-kind in foot care products and relief from painful steps. On that note, take the first step, click, order and your feet will be a fan forever. Order now.