Neuromas Need Cushioning for Comfort

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we know that the discomfort in the ball of the foot caused by a neuroma can be quite debilitating. This normally benign condition, which occurs when a nerve becomes inflamed or enlarged, usually between two toes on the bottom of the foot, and can result in severe pain, numbness, tingling or burning. Patients who have this condition should avoid high heels and shoes with narrow, pointy toe boxes as these exert excessive pressure on the ball of the foot. To relieve pain and make it possible to stand, walk and go about other normal daily activities while the inflammation subsides, it’s best to find ways to cushion the affected area. We offer several products that can help, including:

Gel Ball of Foot Cushions—one of our most popular products, self-stick, Gel Ball of Foot Cushions reduce pressure while walking or standing. These pads of soft gel are available in two thicknesses which can be placed directly over the neuroma or behind it, as your Podiatrist recommends. These are designed for all styles of footwear and provide long-lasting comfort. The pads can be wash and reused multiple times.

Ball of Foot Cushion–Ultra Thin—satin fabric with a gel cushion inside slips over the foot, wrapping around the forefoot for superior cushioning. Position the gel pad where comfortable and the satin material strap will hold the pad in place. One size fits most and this product is universal, meaning it can be worn on either the left or right foot. The Ball of Foot Cushion is washable and re-usable.

Metatarsal/Neuroma Pads – J-43 Felt ¼ Inch—these small felt pads are meant to address one metatarsal head at a time and can be precisely positioned to relieve pain using the adhesive back to hold it in place. These Metatarsal/Neuroma Pads are latex free and available with straight or beveled edges. They are sold in packages of 100.

To see all of our foot health products, view our online catalog or visit our Deerfield Beach, FL store. Have questions? Contact us by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723).

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