Hammertoes? We Can Help

At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads all of our products are designed by an experienced Podiatrist. That’s why we know that foot doctors treating patients with hammertoes have two goals: alleviating painful symptoms and helping to straighten the bent toe or toes. Below are products we offer that can help with this common condition.

Pain Relief

The telltale shape of the bent hammertoe results in irritation on the top of the toe due to friction and pressure from wearing shoes. In fact, many patients with hammertoes also develop painful corns on the tops of the affected toes. Products designed to help protect sore areas include:

All Gel Toe Caps—soft gel provides cushioning and comfort with this product that slips over the entire toe. Available in four sizes to fit any toe, the All Gel Toe Caps are washable and can provide many days of relief. These pads provide protection from pressure and shock. As an added bonus, the gel slowly releases mineral oil which moisturizes the skin of the toe.

Gel EcoGel Tubes Ribbed—these ribbed tubes are fully lined with gel and perfect for protecting underlapping toes and corns. The small size of the Gel EcoGel Tubes are perfect for hammertoe sufferers. The tubes are latex free and come two to a package.


Hammertoes are a progressive condition and left untreated, the bend in the toe can become rigid and inflexible. We have products that help straighten and align the toe or toes that are bent.

Budin Splints—made of comfortable but well-padded foam, the Budin Splint gently straightens a hammertoe, allowing it to lie straight. Budin Splints are available for one, two or three toes and give immediate relief from pressure from footwear. These washable and reusable splints fit either foot, and they are designed to work with most shoe styles.

Triple Toe Gel Crest Pad—this versatile product can be used two ways: worn underneath the toes it can lift the tips and help stretch toes into proper position or, wear with the crest on top to hold 3 toes down and straight. It also provides a barrier between the toes and shoes. The Triple Toe Gel Crest Pad is made of soft, stretchy premier gel and is latex free.

We have products to help all types of podiatric disorders. See our online catalog for all products we offer or visit our Deerfield Beach, FL store. For more information, contact us by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723).

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