Give Your Boots a Boost

Do you love to wear fashion boots? Are you experiencing arch or heel pain or do your feet just feel tired and achy overall? At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we know that if you answered yes to both questions, there may be a connection there. Fashion boots are notorious for not providing adequate arch support. Long hours spent in this style of footwear can leave your feet hurting. When the arch of your foot is not properly supported, it puts stress on the plantar fascia—a long band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot from your heel to your toes. This can increase the risk for plantar fasciitis, the most common source of heel pain. At Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads, we offer several products that can provided increased support for your arches.

Arch Binder—this elastic sleeve provides gentle compression to the arch of the foot and comfortably lifts and supports the plantar fascia. It slips easily over the foot and relieves pain in both the arch and the heel. The Arch Binder fits the left or right foot. It is washable and can be re-used over and over.

Gel Arch Pads—soft gel supports fallen arches and helps with pronation related foot problems by enabling you to maintain proper foot position. Gel Arch Pads are self-stick for easy application and designed to be used in all styles of footwear. Available in two thickness choices to ensure a comfortable fit. These latex-free pads are also washable.

Arch Steppers—patients with weak, tired arches and those suffering with plantar fasciitis will appreciate the flexible support of Arch Steppers. These lightweight and durable supports take up only minimal space in shoes. An added bonus, they are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

To see a complete list of all our foot pad products, view our online catalog. You can easily order any of our products online through our website or contact us by calling: (866) FOOT-PAD (366-8723). Our courteous and knowledgeable staff can answer questions and help you get the right products for your all your foot conditions.

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